Waking up to another recall for tipping furniture sends chills down my spine. The innocent children gone because of a terrible household accident. All parents worry about. That’s why we kid and baby proof our cabinets, plug up our electrical outlets, and put our kids in swimming lessons. Have you thought about your furniture? It’s just as dangerous, and likely one hazard you haven’t addressed.

Furniture kills children

Curren Collas, lost his life February 25th after a children’s IKEA dresser fell on him. His mom passionately writes in her blog, Heaven Has a Hero, how she found the dresser on top of him when she went to get him dressed. She describes the agonizing moments after she found him thinking he would respond to her, but he never did.

This real danger is forefront of my mind from my days working in Kansas City. A two-year old boy named Charlie Horn lost his life when he tried to climb a dresser. Kids are curious, and I know my daughter tries to climb everything. So it’s a real fear of mine. My friend Katrina works closely with the organization, and she keeps the issue forefront of mind for us both.

Anchor furniture with safety straps

You can buy safety straps / furniture anchors at baby stores, home improvement stores, or online. They are a common product but I’m afraid to say a product not used enough. We had straps come with our baby changing table and dresser, and I know they are sitting in the dresser. An issue too many of us don’t take seriously enough until we see those beautiful faces taken from us far too soon.

imageI’d also suggest checking with the manufacturer of your furniture to see if you can get straps for free. IKEA Furniture straps is offering them for several dressers in light of the danger. That program started last July in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the deaths. Now, they are issuing a recall. Even that likely won’t get the danger out of all homes as we’ve unfortunately seen before with other recalls. Some people just won’t hear the warning.

Add furniture straps to your honey-to-do list this weekend while remembering the precious faces who’ve lost their lives to furniture that tips over.