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4 ways to get rid of junk email

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How many emails do you have in your Inbox that you haven’t read? I have thousands of emails that haven’t been read. Most are advertisements that I don’t need until I’m ordering something online and looking for a coupon code. Below are quick tips to can spam and get rid of junk email.

Sign up for the Direct Marketing Association’s email service emPS

The Direct Marketing Association is a large group of direct marketers, and you can get off their lists through eMPS. It won’t get rid of all junk mail, because your name will only be removed from marketing lists for companies who use DMA to cleanup their email subscriptions.

Can spam and get rid of junk email
Can spam. Easy ways to get rid of junk email.

Click unsubscribe

At the bottom of reputable commercial emails, you will see an “unsubscribe” or “opt out” bottom at the very bottom of the email. This came out of the CAN-SPAM Act in 2003.  If you opt out, the business must remove your email from its lists within 10 days.

Create a separate email account for advertisements and online ordering.

Create a separate email for offers and advertisements

When you order something online or sign-up to receive emails or advertisements from a company, use a specific email address that is separate from your main email. This will help filter all solicitation emails and orders so your main email that you use for business or daily activity won’t get cluttered with miscellaneous emails you don’t need on a daily basis. When you need them, they are all in one easy to find spot.


Use email program tools to filter spam

Outlook and Gmail make it easy to filter spam. With Outlook you can run a “sweep” and cleanup your Inbox thousands of emails at a time rather than one by one. You set rules for how many emails to keep from a sender. You can even tell Outlook to block all emails from a sender. Most email services have some sort of filtering service built in.

When you’re done, the spam will be gone from your Inbox and while you’ll rejoice you still probably won’t reach for a can of spam! 🙂