Thanks for reaching out to me. I’m an award-winning journalist turned freelance writer.

My world changed when my daughter arrived. Life is short. Unfortunately, I know that all too well. That’s why I decided to freelance write. It gives me more time to spend with my daughter and the flexibility to continue writing.

Getting results for consumers and businesses

With 16 years television experience, I know how to get results. I’ve saved consumers millions of dollars, and put business owners in jail. Consumer issues, solving problems, saving you money, and exposing wrongdoing are my expertise.

This blog started because so many people ask me for consumer advice. That’s why I am available to comment on issues as a consumer expert.

I am the sole contributor to Consumer News Mom. You get honest, and to the point information that improves the lives of other moms.

I also help small business solve digital content and social media concerns.

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