Courtesy Consumer Product Safety Commission Safer Products website – picture submitted by consumer

Ceramic fire gel pots are a fire and burn hazard. The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued two fire gel recalls. The second one involves 2 million bottles of gel fuels involving multiple brands.

Second fire gel recall

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling the following fire gel brands: Bird Brain, Bond Manufacturing, Sunjel Company, Fuel Barons, Lamplight Farms Inc., Luminosities, Pacific Decor Ltd, Real Flame, and Smart Solar Inc.

The CPSC says the gel fuel can ignite unexpectedly and splash onto objects or people nearby. There have been 65 incidents reported to the CPSC. Two people died and 34 victims were hospitalized with second and third degree burns to the face, chest, hands, arms, and legs.

The picture above is one submitted by a consumer from the last recall involving Napa Home & Garden fire gel products.  28 of the 65 incidents involved the Napa Home & Garden fuel gel products.