delta delayDelta Air Lines is still delaying flights days after a power outage took down its computer system worldwide.

Delta responds to computer system outage

Days later, nearly 250 more flights are canceled. This time, the airline is resetting its operation. The airline canceled around 1,000 flights in just one day due to the outage.

“We were able to bring our systems back on-line and resume flights within a few hours yesterday, but we are still operating in a recovery mode,” said Dave Holtz, Senior Vice President – Operations and Customer Center. “We are sorry for what many of our customers have experienced over the past 24 hours, including those who remain at airports and continue waiting for their flights. We are doing everything we can to return our operation to normal reliability, but we do expect additional delays and cancellations.”

Delta offering $200 travel vouchers

While words do little to comfort travelers stuck dealing with this mess, Delta is offering a $200 travel voucher for future travel as compensation for the issues.

If you can postpone your travel, that may be a good idea to avoid the airport headache. A travel waiver is in effect, so you can voluntary postpone travel. Unaccompanied minors can reschedule for free through Wednesday. You can reschedule your trip as long as you travel by August 12, 2016.

If your flight is cancelled or significantly delayed, you can ask for a refund.

How to apply for Delta travel voucher

Your flight must be cancelled or delayed more than three hours to apply for compensation. If Delta has not contacted you about the refund, fill out a Customer Care form online. Click here to request a $200 Delta refund for travel delays or cancellations.
“We want our customers to know we are thoroughly investigating the matter and that we are truly sorry,” said Gil West, Delta’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

This should be a wake-up call to this airline and others that they need to have backup systems. Far too often we see headlines of airline system outages that snarl traffic for days. Computer systems go down. We all experience it. However, there needs to be a backup plan in a day and age when hackers are eager to take down any business. This was a simple power outage. Can you imagine if it was something far worse? Hopefully, airlines begin investing in the infrastructure needed to prevent these computer system failures no matter the cause.