delta tracks checked bagsIt’s a traveler’s worst nightmare. The airline losing their baggage. Delta is the first airline to help you track your checked luggage.

Delta sends push notifications tracking your bag

Americans are hooked to their phones. Push notifications keep us up to date on news, emails, and Facebook updates. Add baggage tracking to the list of push notifications.Anytime I check luggage at the airport, I wonder if I’ll ever see it again.  Even with fewer people checking bags because of the fees, you still worry that a checked bag will get lost and never make it to your destination.  According to the latest government data, your chance of a damaged, lost, or delayed baggage are highest on American Eagle Airlines, and least likely on Air Tran Airways.

Delta bag trackingThe Fly Delta app will send push notifications when your bag makes it on the plane. No more staring out the window looking for a sign of your bag. I’ve stared out the window hoping to catch a glimpse. I’ve also sat through a plane ride wondering if my bag is below.

Delta uses Radio Frequency Identification or RFID bag tags. This allows Delta to send live push notifications as your bag makes its way to its destination with you. You will know when the bag is on the plane, which carousel to find your bag, and more.

Lost baggage claims

Checking a bag stresses me out, because I always worry I’ll never see it again. If you’ve had your luggage lost, you know this feeling. It doesn’t ever go away. You remember how hard it was waiting for your bag to show up while on vacation. There is good news, airlines are losing the fewest number of bags in 30 years.

Before you zip up your bag, take a picture of the contents in your bag. This protects you if your bag is lost.

Some airlines ask for proof of your bag’s contents. This is where a picture helps. Others ask for receipts. Who keeps receipts? In that case, use that picture to back up your claim.

The Air Transport Association found if the airline industry used RFID technology, mishandled bags would drop by 25 percent by 2022. Right now, Delta is the only airline doing it throughout its fleet.

You can also track bags on Delta’s website with the bag tag number or reference number and last name. That’s a little more cumbersome as you need the bag number handy. That feature has been around since 2011.