imageHmm…she knows what’s next. Diaper change! Probably my least favorite parenting responsibility, but probably one of the more important ones. Lately, not one of her favorite times of the day either. We have to wrestle her like an alligator. She wants to flip, crawl, and run away. Especially after the last week where a stomach bug took control of our home. We went through quite a few diapers. At least I feel like all those costly diapersget us diaper rewards, and eventually we earn enough for freebies.

Diaper rewards

Changing diapers is a dirty job that parents can’t avoid. So why not be rewarded for all those dirty diapers?

Look for small stickers in the diaper bags. They are easy to miss if you don’t know about the rewards program. it took a few packages, before the sticker caught my eye. These small stickers earn you diaper reward points.

imageimagePampers and Huggies have similar programs. You simply enter the code and earn points based on the number of diapers you bought. You can redeem them for all sorts of things including more diapers!

On the smaller packs (the ones that don’t come in a box), you can find the reward code inside the packaging. It’s not always the easiest to find but keep looking. It’s there.

There are even apps to make punching in the long codes a little easier. Although the Pampers app gets a lot of bad reviews. Users say it crashes a lot. Might just want to take a picture of that code and enter later when you have a minute or two. Those are always easy to find with a newborn. 🙂

Follow Pampers and Huggies on Facebook for even more codes you can enter to earn points. It might be as easy as scrolling through Facebook, to find an extra 10 or 20 points on certain days. For Mother’s Day, Pampers is offering 20 extra points through June 10th.

Pampers diaper reward catch

There are catches with the diaper reward programs. With Pampers, you have to enter codes every month to get special gifts. If you miss a month you have to start over.

You don’t lose your points, but you lose the opportunity to get the free gifts from the Grow On program. You qualify for a free gift once every three months.

After three months of codes, you get 100 Pampers Rewards Points, or a $5 eGift card from Alex Toys, or a set of 24 personalized labels from Shutterfly. At six months and nine months and so on the rewards increase. Remember, this is on top of the rewards program.

Tricks to earn the most diaper rewards

It’s a good way to build reliable brand loyalty every month, however, I suggest you start this once you have a surplus of codes. I put a bunch of codes in at the beginning, and then we switched brands when our daughter was young. We noticed huge differences in sizes as we jumped from newborn to size one. As we jumped around, more than a month passed and I hadn’t entered a Pampers reward code. So, I went back to square one. Lesson learned.

Don’t forget the wipes. They also have coupon codes if you buy the name brand ones.

You can also earn points for taking surveys, watching videos, and so on. Just check the rewards program’s website.

The points can be redeemed for photo albums, magazine subscriptions, or kids toys or accessories.

Huggies diaper reward changes

Huggies made changes to its program recently, so you won’t need those little stickers and long codes anymore. You’ll just need your receipt. Take a picture of that and you’ll start earning rewards.  Pampers is offering an incentive if you download their updated app and scan a receipt. That incentive goes through the end of June. The receipt wars are on!

Like most rewards programs, you have to spend a lot to get something for free. Why throw money in the trash? Cash in on those rewards. At least you are getting rewarded with something for all those stinky diapers you changed.

Let me know what you think of these programs. Have you found them useful? Let me know on Facebook and Twitter where you can also get the latest on parenting and consumer issues.