When I shop online, I always check for a promotional code or free shipping before I place the order. I’ve walked away from purchases if I felt I could get the product cheaper somewhere else.If you don’t like the price you’re paying, browsing away from the deal may be the best thing you can do to get a discount.

Reuters reports some e-retailers are sending coupons and promotions to customers who abandon their online shopping cart. I can vouch that it’s not everyone as I often abandon my shopping cart. I did it recently with a wedding gift and my own gift registry. I wanted to clear off my registry with all the gift cards I received for our wedding, and buy another gift for another friend. The store wanted to charge me $10 in shipping charges per order. I refused to pay it and went in the store to save myself $20. I never got a coupon in my email Inbox. I guess I’m not shopping the right stores.

According to Reuters, I should be shopping Land’s End, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Zappos. They all send emails offering discounts if you complete your order.

Shoppers at Reddit add even more companies including Lids, Overstock, AllPosters, Hanes, Avis, HobbyKing, and Crocs.

Often you have to be logged into your account with this company for it to work. Some companies track you with cookies just like they track you for ads. Ever browse a website and later see ads for it on a different browsing session? The same thing happens when you’re shopping and abandon your cart. If they have your email address on file for your computer, they may email you.

It’s a new way of getting deals. It will take more time as you may have to wait a few days to get the discount in your email. If it can save you money, it might be worth it.