facebookEmails are appearing in Inboxes alerting you to a cash settlement involving a Facebook lawsuit, but many people are dismissing the email thinking it’s a ripoff. ┬áBefore you hit delete, read the fine print. You are entitled for up to $10.

The lawsuit settles an issue with advertising of your photo in a sponsored story. As part of the deal, Facebook will pay $20 million up to $10 a person. You’ll get an email if your picture was used in this form of advertising.

The claim form asks for your bank account and routing number, so the $10 can be directly deposited. However, the paper form also says you can choose for a paper check instead. I suggest you do this if you have privacy concerns. The fine print says the personal information given will only be used for settlement purposes.

If there are too many claimants for a $10 payment, the amount will be reduced based on the number of claimants. If it’s economically unfeasible to pay anyone, the money will be given to charity.

You have to submit claims by May 2, 2013 on the settlement page.