Prevent Facebook & Twitter HackingWhile social media is part of so many daily lives, it’s tough to keep up with all the improvements and changes in policy and features.  There is one change you need to make that has nothing to do with who sees your profile, but this option impacts who sees your personal information like your username and password.  Make sure your socializing is encrypted. The settings to check to protect your your Facebook and Twitter accounts from hackers.

Be careful with public Wi-Fi

If you are using public Wi-fi and browsing your social network pages without a secure connection (https), hackers can steal your data. This puts your privacy at risk.

You may notice the https connection when you’re online banking. It ensures the information that’s shared between your computer and the website is secure.

Now, social networks are making sure you’re safer considering so many people access social sites in coffee shops and other public spots using Wi-fi. There are steps you need to take to make sure your Facebook and Twitter accounts are safe from hackers.

Creating a secure connection on Facebook

Go into Account Settings on the right hand side of your Facebook page under Account. Once you’re into Account Settings, click on Account Security.  Make sure secure browsing has a check mark next to it. This will allow you to browse securely. You’ll notice the change at the top of your browser in the address bar. It should say https. The s stands for secure.

Facebook says it may take longer for a site to load when you’re using a secure connection because the information is encrypted. Plus, some third party applications do not support https. Facebook is working to resolve those issues.

Creating a secure connection on Twitter

Go to the top right of your Twitter page, and click on the menu under your name.  Click on settings.  Scroll to the bottom of settings and you’ll see a box next to “Always use HTTPS.” Make sure it’s checked so you can begin browsing securely.

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