Need a new cell phone or want a tablet? This Saturday, T-Mobile is offering free devices. The deal is good for new and existing customers who sign a two year contract.

T-Mobile says the deal will be extended to all phones. Usually these deals are reserved for lower end models.

Before you buy, make sure T-Mobile offers the best service in your area. Talk to other T-Mobile customers and see if they are happy. Also, do the math. Will you pay more or less each month for a T-Mobile plan compared with a competitor? Over the course of a year, which option is cheaper when you take into consideration buying the phone as well.

The offer runs on Saturday, February 11th while supplies last. To avoid the lines, you can order online.  Thirty phones including brands like HTC, Garmin, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung will be offered in the deal. Click here for a list of phones and tablets included in the deal.

Some of the phones offered are top rated in Consumer Reports latest rankings. However, Consumer Reports says T-Mobile ranked nearly last with consumers for cell phone service.

There is also a $35 activation fee and you need to pay for the phone upfront since the deal is a rebate offer. Expect six to eight weeks to get your money back.

It appears this is a deal T-Mobile ran last year as well on both the Friday and Saturday before Valentine’s Day weekend. This year, the deal is just one day.