counterfeit turkey couponThe cost of Thanksgiving dinner is up, so a coupon for a free Honeysuckle White Turkey might sound tempting. However, the Coupon Information Corporation says the coupon may be fraudulent.

Counterfeit turkey coupon

The CIC says the counterfeit coupons have been sold on on the Internet and eBay. The fake coupon looks like the real one issued by Cargill.

The coupon legally expired 4/30/2011 and doesn’t expire 4/30/12 as the coupon indicates. CIC knows this because of the code above the coupon, 11608. It’s the old coupon with counterfeits simply changing the date.

The new coupon code is 116553.  To prevent fraud, coupon manufacturers stack the UPC codes. You can also tell if you have the legitimate one because it will have a perforated edge at the top.

Counterfeit coupons are a big problem. In general, selling and buying coupons on eBay is frowned upon. The coupons say they are void if transferred or sold, but the buying and selling exists online with little enforcement action.