UPDATE: 6/3/2017 As a parent, it’s terrifying to watch the video of a child stuck under a tipped over dresser. The boy in this video survived, but unfortunately every two weeks a child dies. Learn how to protect your family from tip-over dangers.

Furniture kills children

It’s a viral video that draws attention to the danger in every parent’s home. The video of a child climbing into a dresser drawer takes your breath away. A second later the dresser tips over. The toddler is trapped underneath. Luckily, his twin saves him.

Furniture tip-over accidents happen all the time. Children are curious, and they love to open drawers. Dressers have all sorts of treasures inside the drawers and on top. Kids will reach and reach until they get what they find, or the furniture tips over on them.

Nearly half of tip-over fatalities (46-percent) happen in the bedroom according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Their message is “Anchor It!”

Every 30 minutes, a child is injured by a furniture tip-over incident. That’s according to the CPSC.

Secure all items including dressers, TVs, and bulky toys like a dollhouse or play kitchen. The CPSC found a TV falls with 10 times more force than being hit by an NFL lineman.

Toys “R” Us is focusing on the furniture safety message too. They teamed up with Charlie’s House, a Kansas City group dedicated to saving children. The organization is in memory of Charlie Horn, who lost his life when he climbed on a dresser.

The tip-over danger is in every home.

Utah dad, Ricky Shoff, shared the video of one twin saving another to warn other parents to secure furniture to the wall. A room camera caught the furniture tip-over danger.

Most parents don’t do enough to secure their furniture. We baby proof┬ásmall cabinets but often forget the big stuff.

In February, Curren Collas, died when his family’s IKEA dresser fell on him. His mom started, Heaven Has a Hero, to honor her son and alert other parents.

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How to secure furniture with safety straps

You need to look at all your furniture like a curious baby or toddler. There are tip-over dangers everywhere. What is prone to tip-over? Typically this is top-heavy furniture, televisions, bookcases, or dressers. Secure your home for the safety of your children.

It’s important to secure heavy furniture, and remove items like remote controls, that your child may want to climb on furniture to get.

While the furniture safety straps offer the ultimate protection, you can further secure furniture by putting books or other heavy products on the bottom shelves for extra stabilization.

The furniture straps are often available for free. They come with most bulky items, or you can get them from the manufacturer.

Furniture manufacturers have recalled products due to the tip-over danger. IKEA recalled dressers after children died, and offers free straps.

If you’ve lost the straps that came with a bulky product or toy, you can purchase them.

This how to video tutorial shows you the steps you can take to secure furniture in your home — step by step. Produced right here in Kansas City as a tribute to Charlie Horn, who died in a tip-over incident.