Need to earn a little extra cash, but frustrated with the dismal return on your traditional savings account? A high yield account can help, but according to a Bankrate survey it’s getting harder to find one.  It pays to find one, though.

“High-yield checking accounts remain the top-yielding place for federally insured, liquid cash,” Bankrate senior financial analyst Greg McBrida, CFA, said.

The yield fell to 2.56% according to Bankrate, but bond and CD rates are down too. The problem is too much cash. They don’t need anymore because nobody is taking out a loan. Then again, it’s a lot harder to get a loan but that’s another problem.

Make sure you read the fine print of the account, because Bankrate points out that frequent debit card purchases are a requirement on most, required services like online bill pay or direct deposit, and a balance cap. Most of the higher yields had the lower caps.

Bankrate surveyed 155 banks, thrifts, and credit unions about their high-yield offers. 57 institutions offer a high-yield account.

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Or, just find an online bank that offers higher yields than your traditional bank. This still allows you to have easy access to your money, unlike a CD, but there is still a 2-3 day lag in delivery of your money. Although, this type of banking is not as lucrative as it once was as my online bank is only paying about 1% interest right now. It’s more than my local bank, but it’s still not what I’m used to earning.