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Ready to fire up your grill? Before you do, a safety warning. The creepy crawler making its home in your grill that could be dangerous.

Spiders danger in grills

The summer grilling season is unofficially underway. It’s unofficial because summer is still several weeks away.  It sounds like a no-brainer, and if you follow my blog you know I don’t like to state the obvious. I like to find intriguing consumer stories that really help you.  However, there are growing problems with grills that you should know about before firing up yours.

Watch out for spiders. They like to hide in the tubes that lead from the burner to the control valves.  The spiders obstruct gas flow and can cause a fire.  You can buy spider guards to keep the bugs out, but they still may crawl inside. To keep them out, clean your grill after each use. If it’s clean, there’s not a food source for the bugs.

Look at the hoses of your grill for cracking, bitterness, holes, and leaks.  The small parts and hoses experience wear and tear over time and should be checked.

Check for leaks by opening the gas supply valve fully. The Consumer Product Safety Commission suggests adding a soapy solution at the connection point. If bubbles appear, there’s a leak. Tighten all the connections. If that doesn’t fix the problem, have your grill professionally inspected.

Finally, make sure the grill hasn’t been recalled. Click here to check