Parenting is tough, but that reality is often overlooked. As a mom blogger, I’m sharing the realities of parenting to inspire and empower all moms and dads. You’ll also find money-saving tips, product reviews from a consumer expert, and ways to keep your family safe.

Consumer expert & mom blogger

As a TV journalist for 16 years, I solved viewer problems and warned of ripoffs. As a new mom, I’m still solving problems like how to get my daughter to sleep?

Google anything these days, and you’ll get hundreds of bloggers offering to solve your problems. Their so-called solutions fill social media. I get so frustrated when I click on a headline, only to find the post doesn’t answer my question.

This blog is different. I’m a journalist at heart and look at every product and topic through an investigative lens. As a journalist, my reputation is built on delivering quality content. I really am a consumer expert, and just like most moms, I’m learning so much about parenting. I’ll always be a consumer investigative reporter whether I’m chasing down bad guys or searching for the best sippy cup.

You’ll find money-saving strategies, parenting challenges and solutions, and product reviews from a consumer expert.

You helped create this blog. I’m always asked for consumer advice like how to find a good contractor or what to do when you feel a company ripped you off. Here, it’s one stop shopping to solve all your consumer and parenting issues and concerns.

You’ll find the same topics you’ve come to expect from me over the years including money-saving tips and consumer ripoffs. Plus, I’m giving you so much more as I share the joys and challenges of parenting.

As a new mom, it’s daunting to navigate through thousands of baby products. Which ones work and which ones are a waste of money? As a consumer reporter, I know how to test products fairly. I’ll help you find the best products to solve your parenting needs.

I’ll also highlight the latest money-saving tricks. I love to save a buck, and refuse to get ripped off. Saving money on everyday items all moms need means more money for retirement or our next vacation.

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