Busy moms need solutions, and emeals is a must-have! Emeals saves our family time, makes dinner easy, and lowers our grocery bill. Plus, it works with grocery delivery services. 


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Easy meal planning

What’s for dinner? It’s a dreaded question 365 days of the year especially when you’re not sure yourself. In between juggling feedings with little kids and the schedules of school-aged children, moms are expected to make dinner too! Sure, you can think of what to cook a few nights a week. But, every night?

Whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom or a working mom, emeals is a meal planning solution for every family and appetite! Try it for FREE for 14 days!

Do you feel like you’re eating the same few meals over and over? Let’s face it cooking gets old, and eating the same old thing all the time gets boring. Even if you’re well-intentioned, who has time to search Pinterest every week looking for meal planning inspiration?

The service advertises a savings of 2-3 hours a week meal planning and then $200 a month on grocery shopping. We’re definitely saving time and money! emeals is a game changer for our family!

All my favorite recipes are stored in one easy to find location, and the app automatically prepares shopping lists. You can save even more time and money by sending that list to your favorite grocery shopping service like Instacart.

Even if you do your shopping, you save money at the grocery store because you only buy what you need for that week’s recipes. You’re not buying odds and ends that you think you may need to make a meal. Your shopping is focused, and your grocery bill is consistent.

Ours averages around $100 a week for the clean eating meal plan. We recently bought a bunch of meat in bulk at Costco, so we’re able to save even more money! Once we have some of the staples of these meal plans, especially the spices we don’t regularly keep in our pantry, we’ll lower our grocery budget even more.

The convenience of emeals is fantastic — from organizing all your favorite recipes to your shopping list! Meal planning is easy with emeals, and now I have several hours more each week to spend with my family.

Plus, emeals works with grocery delivery services like Shipt, Instacart,  AmazonFresh, Walmart, and ClickList too.

This is an emeals review based on my family’s experience using the app. It includes the ways it saves our family time and money, and some of the features we’d love to see added to the app.

How emeals works

Meal planning is nothing new, but it’s something I ignored for a long time. I tried one meal planning service but didn’t like the recipes. They were complicated and full of ingredients I never use.

When I had my second child, it was time for a change. Feeling pulled in so many directions, I knew I needed to find more time in my day while also eating better. So, I gave emeals a try. The recipes are delicious, the app is easy to use, and cooking dinner is enjoyable once again.

There’s no more wondering “What’s for Dinner.” My husband and I both have access to the app on our phones, and we go to the app and select a recipe from our weekly meal plan. Or, we go to our favorites and choose one if we have all the ingredients on hand.

So, how does emeals work? It’s a simple meal planning app that takes minutes to setup.

First, download the app. You get a free 14-day trial which gives you plenty of time to try the app. You can meal plan for two weeks and decide if it’s right for you. With such an easy setup, you’ll know right away if emeals is the right fit for your family.

If you like it, emeals costs $5 a month for a year subscription ($59.99). You can also choose a 3-month subscription, for $10 a month ($29.99).

It’s a small price to pay to no longer wonder what’s for dinner. Not sure? Try out emeals for FREE for 14 days!

With emeals, you subscribe to a meal plan. Each week, you get seven meals to choose from, and if you don’t like the ones in your meal plan, you can select recipes from another meal plan. I love that you’re not restricted to your meal plan.

When you find a recipe you like, you can save it to your favorites or your meal plan for the week. Once it’s attached to your weekly meal list, the app adds the ingredients to a shopping list. If it’s a staple like flour that you already have in your pantry, you just click a box and remove that ingredient from your shopping list.

You also choose the size of your family or the number of people you want to feed. That’s important because the recipes are designed to make food for a certain amount of people. That leads to less waste!

If you want leftovers, consider that in the number of people you’re feeding. I love this feature because the app tailors the ingredients to our family’s needs. That’s a big problem with traditional recipes. I felt like we were always eating leftovers and in our family, they’re not popular! The smaller portion sizes are perfect for us! Plus, I don’t have to do any math to account for the portion sizes. The app takes that all into account. There’s no guessing. It truly is meal planning made simple.

Finally, you can choose a grocery shopping service. Depending on where you live, the app supports Shipt, Instacart,  AmazonFresh, Walmart, and ClickList.

I use Instacart, and the app sends my shopping list seamlessly. You go through the items one by one and select the brand on the Instacart app.

With emeals, we’re eating healthier, more variety, and saving time and money!

Meal Planning Made Simple

Choosing a meal plan

While you choose one meal plan, think of this as a starting point. It focuses your eating goals so if you always want paleo or gluten-free meals, that’s what you’ll see first every week.

However, you’re not limited to your meal plan. You can browse all the plans for recipe ideas each week. That’s a nice option in case you don’t like the seven meals chosen for you. Since you can browse all meal plans each week, you get around 140 recipes to choose from each week. It may be a few less because sometimes recipes are in multiple meal plans. SThere are more than enough options, though.

You’ll also have access to all your previous meal plans. However, these are only for your selected meal plan. So, if you choose Paleo, you’ll only see Paleo recipes from previous weeks rather than every recipe from all the meal plans.

The following meal plans are available on emeals:

  • Clean Eating
  • Paleo
  • Quick and Healthy
  • 30 Minute Meals
  • Budget Friendly
  • Kid Friendly
  • Slow Cooker
  • Heart Healthy
  • Low Calorie
  • Low Carb
  • Diabetic
  • Gluten Free
  • Mediterranean
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Allrecipes*
  • Better Homes and Gardens*
  • EatingWell*
  • Good Housekeeping*
  • Paula Deen*

*These are partner plans but still free and still give you access to seven meals a week.

Once you have a meal plan, you start adding your recipes to your meal list. When you do this, the app creates a shopping list. You can add other items you may want to add for the week and delete items you already have in your kitchen. The app sorts all the ingredients by category making it easy to see what you need and remove all those pantry spices you probably don’t need.

Third, add a shopping partner to your emeals subscription. We use Instacart, so with a click of a button, the app adds my shopping list to Instacart. You can also use Walmart if you prefer not to pay a fee for grocery shopping.

The recipes use common ingredients. Of course, there are a few new items. For example, the sweet and sour shrimp calls for ponzu sauce. I’ve never heard of that ingredient. Sometimes you can get these ingredients at the grocery store. Other times, you have to improvise or buy them online. It’s mostly spices that I find we don’t have in our cabinets or grocery store.

The recipes are a good mix of vegetables and meat (if you like meat). They’re also a great size because you select how many people you’re feeding.

eMeals Free Trial

Tips for using emeals

Here’s a emeals beginner’s tip. In the beginning, browse all the meal plans and save ones you think your family will like. Within a few weeks, you’ll have some recipes in your digital recipe box saving you time. That’s the key to making meal planning easy because you always have recipes to choose from when you’re looking for dinner inspiration. If you’re crunched for time one week, you can meal plan that week in five minutes by selecting from your favorite recipes.

If you know your schedule is busier than normal, choose recipes that take less time to prepare. The emeals app shows you how long it takes to prepare each meal.

The selection is great. There are spicy and mild recipes. There are meat and vegetable options. Plus, many of the meals include side dish suggestions.

If you use the app with a grocery shopping service, continue shopping for your meat at Costco instead of the grocery store to save more money. Buy in bulk and grab the meat when you need it for a recipe. We buy the staples – chicken, shrimp, and steak – and just grab it when we need it.

While emeals focuses on dinner recipes, there are lunch, breakfast, and a dessert and occasions plan. You can always add these options to your emeals subscription.

Combine emeals with your favorite shopping service. Whether it’s Instacart or Walmart, it’s a perfect combination. I can plan the meals for the week in five minutes and shop in 20 minutes! As a busy mom, that’s a game changer!

emeals review

If you’re looking for dinner inspiration, a convenient meal planning service, and a way to lower your grocery budget — emeals is worth trying. The app isn’t perfect, but it’s a great value for the price.

I’m using the clean eating meal plan and find it’s a good mix of quick and average cooking times. Some recipes call for shortcuts like frozen vegetables and others call for fresh veggies. Some we can make when times short, and others take longer to prepare. I like the variety.

Plus, all the recipes taste great. Even the ones we don’t love still have good flavor. For example, the Mediterranean Steak Flatbread is too spicy. Still, we both ate it. The food didn’t go to waste. We just won’t cook it again.

I’d like to see the app add reviews. This would be a great feature so you can learn what people like and don’t like about the meals. We haven’t found a recipe we hate yet. Even the ones we won’t keep in our rotation, taste good. It’s just not as pleasing to our palette as we’d like. I’d love to add this feedback for other emeals subscribers.

Also, photos are important for recipe sites. I choose what I cook based on photos. I want to know what the finished product looks like. That draws my attention to a recipe. Some of the recipes don’t have photos and I’d love to see that improved.

With the addition of a new baby in our family, emeals is the perfect solution! It makes dinner exciting again, offering a wide variety of foods to cook. Meal planning saves us money at the grocery store and takes the guesswork out of what we’re eating for dinner every day. If you’re looking for a convenient and low-cost meal planning service, the flexibility and functionality of emeals is something you should try. Try emeals for 14 days for FREE!