how much is your mom worthDiapers, cleaning, and laundry are just some of the chores a mom deals with when she has kids. So, how much is a mom really worth? Your mom’s value is worth a lot more than you may think. 

Mom value

You never appreciate your mom as much as you do once you are a mom. It’s a tough and thankless job, but it’s the best job in the world.

According to, stay-at-home moms work 94.7 hours a week. Unreal! The pay for that would be $143,102. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Many stay-at-home moms stay home with their children because they believe it’s a priceless job and the value to their child’s life is priceless. However, a $143-thousand salary would ease the financial worries of a lot of stay-at-home moms who are not used to living on just one income. crunched the numbers after surveying more than 15,000 moms to find out their most time-consuming job.

While the salary is average, around $48-thousand, it’s the overtime where moms would really cash in. It’s estimated a mom would earn $94,593 just in overtime!

A working mom isn’t far behind with a value of $90,223. She makes a lot less overtime but she’s still working a lot.

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