HOW TO SAVE 30-60% ON VACATIONDreaming of your next vacation, but don’t want to go over budget? There are easy steps you can take to save 30-60% on your next vacation.

How to save 30-60% on your next vacation

Vacation packages are one way to save money on your next trip. This is when you bundle your hotel, flight, and car rental. You can add as many components of your trip as you want.

Even when using a vacation bundle, price out your trip separately so you know how much each segment costs. Sometimes it’s better to bundle just your flight and hotel and pay for the car separately.

You’ll get the best deal if you know the prices for each part of your trip before you search for bundles.

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Vacation rentals

Vacation rentals are a great way to save money if you are traveling with your entire family or a group of people. However, there are lots of ripoffs. The steps you need to take to avoid a vacation rental ripoff.

Even if you book on a well-known vacation rental website, you need to be careful.

Flying with a child

Flying with a child can be challenging. However, there are tricks you can take for a smooth flight with a child.