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Hold onto those receipts. They are getting more valuable each week. Huggies is the latest brand eager to reward you for a picture of your receipt. Third party apps like Ibotta already reward you for scanning your receipt after shopping. Now, the diaper companies are getting in on the action.
imageWith Huggies, instead of entering some long code that you find on a sticker in its packs of diapers, you will just scan your receipt. It is much easier. However, at what price?

Receipts are the new way of gathering information on your shopping habits. Think of how much more these brands can find out about you when you scan or photograph your receipt than just enter a rewards code. The brand can see how much you typically spend, where you shop, and what other brands you buy from baby products and far beyond. Marketing teams must love the receipt trend. It will open a whole new realm of possibility for understanding consumer shopping habits.

Ebates work  in a similar way. You earn cash back for online shopping. Of course, they track what you purchase. I’m a big privacy person but I like Ebates and when I remember I use them. I’m okay with some marketing company knowing what shoes I buy. They already track that through cookies. Why not pay me back? Plus, my purchase online are not like my purchases in the store. In a store, I’m typically buying far more product — loading up that shopping cart.

I’m not against sharing receipts with brands. I’ve done it with Ibotta where I earn money back for buying certain products. Typically just a few items earn me cash back but Ibotta gets a look at the dozens of others that I purchase.

imageThis push by Huggies to change its rewards program to receipts is sparking some friendly competition. Pampers is offering an incentive to upgrade its app and scan a receipt. You will get up to 1,000 bonus points. You don’t get it all at once. Just a small incentive to scan. You have to buy a Pampers product and a participating Procter & Gamble product like Charmin, Bounty, or Olay Body Wash. You get 50 bonus points for every product up to 1,000 points. This promotion runs through June 30th. Coincidentally Huggies’ new receipt program starts just a few days earlier on June 26th.

What do you think of brands asking for you to scan your receipt? Easier & worth the free rewards or do you worry about what they are tracking about you? Weigh in on Jenn’s Facebook or Twitter page.