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As a TV journalist for 16 years, I solved viewer problems and warned of ripoffs. As a new mom, I’m still solving problems like how to get my daughter to sleep?

Mom blogger with an investigative twist

Whether you’re a mom, dad, or grandparent we all share the same joys and struggles raising children. “Consumer News Mom” is dedicated to all of us working to solve parenting problems.

I’m a journalist at heart and look at every product and topic through an investigative lens. I’ll always be a consumer investigative reporter whether I’m chasing down bad guys or searching for the best sippy cup. I pursue the truth in everything I publish and always look at both sides of a topic.

You helped create this blog. I’m always asked for consumer advice like how to find a good contractor or what to do when you feel a company ripped you off. “Consumer News Mom” is one-stop shopping to solve all your consumer and parenting issues and concerns.

You’ll find the same topics you’ve come to expect from me over the years including money-saving tips and consumer ripoffs. Plus, I’m giving you so much more as I share the joys and challenges of parenting.

If you need professionally written content for your business site or blog, let me know. I freelance write for small businesses across the country. The well-researched, in-depth content you expect from an investigative journalist is delivered in a timely manner.

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new mom jenn strathmanAs a new mom, it’s hard to figure out which baby products are the best ones. As a consumer reporter, I know how to test products fairly. I’ll help you find the best products to solve your parenting needs.

This blog will also highlight the latest money-saving tricks. I love to save a buck and refuse to get ripped off. Saving money on everyday items all moms need means more money for retirement or our next vacation.

Tell me your story

Thousands of you have shared your story with me over the years and I thank you. When you share your story, together we empower others. There’s a lesson in every story, and I try to focus on those. Knowledge is power.

I believe in fighting for what’s right. I use my passion for consumer justice to help expose wrongs and force companies to do the right thing.

Your story may seem small, but sometimes the smallest idea or tip is symbolic of a bigger problem. Tap into my experience and vast background of consumer issues by sharing your story with me. I know how to find the bigger issue that will help you and others.

Reach out to me on Facebook and Twitter. Share your story so we can empower others together.

Jenn Strathman gets results

I started out behind the scenes and worked my way in front of the camera. My stories expose fraud, shut down businesses,  spark class action lawsuits, put businessmen in jail, and lead to legal action from Attorneys General.

My career in TV started in South Bend and took me to Kansas City, Cleveland, and West Palm Beach. I grew up in Connecticut and went to school at Syracuse University.

It’s an honor to tell stories viewers share with me. The honors I’ve received are dedicated to the viewers. I’ve won three Emmys, and three regional Edward R. Murrow awards for my investigations. I’ve also received several Emmy nominations and won several state broadcasting awards.

For years, drivers in South Florida dealt with melting dashboards until I exposed the problem and prompted car manufacturers to take action. Five million drivers are now getting a free dashboard. The repairs cost on average between $1500 and $7000. In Lexus, vehicles, even door panels are replaced as they are melting too.

free melting dashboard repairs

A real estate deal that I exposed sent a man to prison. The State Attorney filed charges after we exposed the trail of lost money, and a jury convicted him.


Joseph Schiavone Jr. in handcuffs after Jenn Strathman exposed his business practices.

While consumer issues are my passion, so are community issues. For years, I exposed problems with Palm Beach County School buses. We had public records issues with the district for years. Finally, it came to a head when they refused to release records despite giving them more than enough time.

As an investigative journalist, sometimes part of the story is gathering the information to expose. Public records requests are time-consuming and full of challenges. Often, you hit roadblocks.

We hit so many covering problems with Palm Beach County School bus cameras that I exposed the public records issues in a series called “Document Road.” After this series, After this series, coverage by The Palm Beach Post, and help from our corporate lawyer the school district released some records.

Fighting for you.” That’s the tagline I used when I ended a story. The stories you shared with me exposed fraud, shut down businesses, sent people to prison, forced car manufacturers to fix 5 million melting dashboards, led to class action lawsuits, and legal action from Attorneys General, and prompted new ordinances.

While you’ve seen me on TV for more than a decade, it’s now time to spend more time with my young daughter and focus my storytelling online. We moved back to Kansas City to allow my daughter to grow up with her cousins. I’m excited about the new opportunities and expanding this blog to better serve you.

Whether I’m on TV or writing, I’m still fighting for you.

Volunteering in Kansas City

I like to fight for what’s right — whether it’s with my work as a journalist or my work volunteering. I’ve been a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters for over six years. I also work with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Volunteering is as rewarding as my job. I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters as a tribute to my late sister. She was killed in a car accident one month before her college graduation. It changed my life, and in honor of my sister, I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters as a mentor.

Meghan’s second-grade class taught me that it’s okay to laugh again. I never expected a group of second graders to help me through my grief journey.

I also never expected being a “Big” would be so rewarding. I’ve learned as much as my “Little.” My second “Little” (the one in KC) was diagnosed with Type I diabetes about a year or two into our partnership.

It changed her life, and as challenging as it was, I’m glad I was there to help her family cope. It was the least I could do after so many people helped me through my personal tragedy. Now, I’m committed to doing everything I can to find a cure for the millions of children who have to wear an insulin pump. It’s my “Little’s” dream to be insulin free someday, and I hope in my lifetime that comes true. Our message was displayed on a billboard in Kansas City as part of a JDRF campaign. 

Life lessons

Losing my sister taught me the value of family early on in life. Now that I’m a mom to my daughter, I value every moment we spend together. I’ll share a lot of our experiences together here on Consumer News Mom.

Grief Journey: Live Every Day Like It’s Your Last

Grief Reveals Valuable Life Lesson: Don’t Let Money Get In The Way Of Life

Before my daughter arrived, my husband and I traveled. Our favorite trip is New Zealand. I love to travel and take photographs. Some of my favorite places that you should add to your bucket list — rafting the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park — the Disney World of Mother Nature, Slovenia, Switzerland, and New Zealand. On my bucket list: an African Safari.

Thanks for learning about me. Let me know how I can help you.