imageJetBlue nailed it with its recent campaign to address crying babies on planes. I already have anxiety thinking about flying with my six month old. We had anxiety staying overnight in a hotel with our daughter; never mind flying.

We are planning our first flight in June, and we still haven’t booked as we continue to debate the best time to fly. Do we take the first flight out so she’ll be happy or do we fly at night hoping she’ll sleep more? Flying at night could be risky because she’ll be really cranky if she doesn’t sleep. She likes to skip naps and bed time on a good night. Is it worth it to drive to a farther airport to take one long flight rather than two short flights? I guess it depends on if she sleeps. 🙂

I think it’s every parent’s concern — how will my baby act on the plane? JetBlue nailed this fear in its latest ad campaign.

It’s hard to go anywhere with a baby and not have people notice. Babies make people smile. However, I know people will look at me differently the moment I step on an airplane with my daughter. They’ll worry about her crying during the flight. Well passengers, it’s not only your worry it’s this mom’s worry too. In this Mother’s Day ad, I hope Jet Blue took a giant step in changing everyone’s perspective about babies on airplanes. #FlyBabies

While the commercial is cute, I hope passengers actually remember it the next time they step on a flight. After all, most of us are guilty of predicting a baby is going to be a nightmare on a flight. I’ve done it, but now I see things through a different lens now that I’m a parent.

I’ll admit it — I’ve cringed when I found my seat was near a baby. There’s really no need for it because most of the time the baby behaves other than a few whimpers here or there. It’s not until you’re getting off the flight and see that baby again that you even remember there’s a child on the plane.

Of course there are horror stories. But imagine how horrible it is for the parent as well. I hate when my daughter has a meltdown in public. It’s usually just that she wants to eat and she wants to eat right then or change scenery. She doesn’t want to wait another second. I think I panic more than the people around me trying to calm her down.

I’ve heard from friends that all rules are off limits on an airplane. One family told me their children are allowed to eat candy and watch the iPad which is typically off limits. Anything to keep their minds off the fact that they are confined to a small seat for several hours.

imageIt will be an adventure in June. Hopefully if our little one makes a peep or two, you remember her for how cute she is rather than how loud she is when she cries for a few moments until we can comfort her. Happy Mothers Day! Our babies really should make us all smile.