expired coupons for militaryBefore you throw your expired coupons in the trash, think of all the service men and women who give us the freedom to shop. Your trash is a military treasure. Expired coupons still have value to the military for six months after the expiration date.

Save expired coupons for military members

You can’t use expired coupons at most retailers, but military members can use them overseas. Groups across the country collect expired coupons to help those serving our country.

While expired coupons are still useful to the military, they take unwanted active coupons too. So don’t forget to clip those too.

Many members of the military need these coupons to make ends meet. Coupons are just as important to them as they are to those of us living at home. Military families are on budgets too, and every discount helps.

The only coupons that work overseas are manufacturer coupons. Store coupons won’t work. They must be original coupons that you get in mailers or newspaper ads. You can’t send Internet coupons.

The Elyria post of the American Legion Ladies Auxillary spends 6-thousand hours a year clipping coupons. They collect them from friends and neighbors. Then they clip, count, and mail them to members of the military.

Where to send coupon donations

In Northeast Ohio:
Mail or Drop-off:
The American Legion Post 12
393 Ohio Street
Elyria, OH 44035-5146
Attention: ALA Unit 12

Drop-off only:
The Grafton-Midview Public Library
983 Main Street
Grafton, OH 44044

National coupon donations:
Send active coupons to:
Attn: Active Coupons for Troops
PO BOX 231
Whiting, IN 46394-0231

Send expired coupons to:
Attn: Expired Coupons for Troops
PO BOX 430
Whiting, IN 46394-0430

Make sure the expired coupons are only 90 days old or less. That way they make it overseas in time for use. They are valid overseas for six months past the expiration date.