how to save money on greeting cardsGreeting cards are popular in the spring with Easter, Mother’s Day, and graduation in a short time. How to get greeting cards for a fraction of the cost so you don’t experience sticker shock.

Greeting card prices

Get out your wallet if you want to buy a greeting card. They cost more than ever, but it hasn’t stopped spending on cards.

Americans spend more than $6.5 billion on greeting cards, according to the Greeting Card Association.

Birthday cards are the most popular card, but seasonal cards top the charts too.

Even though most birthday greetings are on Facebook, the Greeting Card Association says that doesn’t mean people are buying fewer birthday cards.


Greeting cards have never been cheap, and they’re even more expensive now because they sing to you and do other crazy things.

I was grabbing a bunch of other cards for other occasions, and I thought I’d pick up a Mother’s Day card.  I found a few, then I flipped them over to check the price. I couldn’t believe it. They were over $7!

I checked another one. Same thing. I opened it and closed it. No singing. There was absolutely nothing special about the card, but it was especially overpriced.

The Greeting Card Association says cards cost between 50-cents and $10, and the average card costs $2-$4. From my experience, I’d say the majority were over $4. It was hard to find a $2 or $3 card.

Secret to saving money on greeting cards

So here’s the secret to save on greeting cards. Go to the Dollar Store. You will find cards for 50-cents and a dollar. While it is the Dollar Store, there are cards for 50-cents. You usually get the surprise savings at the register.

While you won’t find as much selection at the Dollar Store, you will find plenty of cards to choose from for every occasion.