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We have car recalls all the time, but the Ford Windstar recall is causing quite a headache for drivers. It’s the age of the car and the problem that creates a unique situation.

Ford announced the recall of 1998-2003 Ford Windstars in certain cold weather states in August due to corrosion of the rear axle. The repairs began in November, but they were limited in scope.  The vans are so old, Ford doesn’t have parts to fix the problem.

If your car doesn’t pass a safety inspection, you don’t go home with it. Instead, it sits on the dealer’s lot until parts are in stock. So, cars have been sitting on dealer lots for two months. The expected arrival of parts is early 2011, but dealers still don’t have a timeframe.

Ford is putting car owners into rental cars, and it’s likely costing them a fortune. But, it’s causing a headache that won’t go away for drivers and dealers.

While there are dozens of vans in most lots, ABC News reports only 15% of recalled cars have been brought into the dealer for inspection. We found a Northeast Ohio woman who didn’t realize it was such a serious issue until her axle snapped in half. She’s lucky that’s all that happened.