UPDATED 4/26/17 More and more retailers are closing their doors. There are many reasons stores can’t keep their doors open. As a mom, there’s only way I’ll shop in store rather than online. 

Retailers closing brick and mortar stores

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It’s no secret retail storefronts are hurting as online sales spike.

We’ve seen this trend for years. I first wrote this article in 2013. Four years later, big name retailers like Macy’s are closing dozens of stores.

Others brands, like Stride Rite, are disappearing in malls and only offering products only online.

Consumers are shopping online because it’s convenient and the price is right, especially if you shop Amazon Prime or Zappos and have free shipping for orders and returns.

If you’re a mom, shopping with a child is challenging. Why add more stress to your day when you can shop online?

Retailers are trying all sorts of marketing efforts to get us all back to the store.

As a mom, who is short on time and patience, there is only one reason I’ll shop in a store.

Price matching & showrooming

Price matching allows you to shop one store rather than multiple stores, and buy products for the cheapest price. You simply show the ad or price at a competitor and earn instant savings at the checkout.

This not only works for brick and mortar stores but online retailers.


Retailers allow price matching to keep you in their store, spending more.

Plus, it helps with showrooming. This is when the customer goes into the store to touch and feel a product and then returns home to buy it cheaper online.

With price matching, retailers hope you’ll buy in store rather than online.

There are secrets to price matching like a pro. It’s an important trick to keep in your shopping toolbox because retailers often charge different prices online and in store.

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Store inventory problems

I want to give my neighborhood retailers a boost. However, every time I shop in the store I find the inventory is so small it’s not worth my time.

When I needed hiking boots, I wanted to try them on for fit and comfort. Of the three I liked, the store didn’t have any in my size.

So, I took a picture and went home to buy the boots online where I knew I could get the sizes I needed. With free shipping and free returns in store, why not shop online? You get what you need faster.

Some stores don’t offer free return shipping if your purchase doesn’t meet a certain price point. You still can save by shopping online.

I bought a pair of boots that did not have free return shipping, and it cost me $15 in postage to send them back. I still saved $55 buying through Amazon compared to other e-retailers, so sometimes it’s worth the cost of return shipping to buy online.

I could tell you dozens of products I’ve tried to purchase in a store only to find they don’t have what I need. Online retailers will always offer more selection, however, until in store retailers figure out inventory issues there is no reason to shop in the store.

Plus, I can earn cash back to shop online.

Buy online, pickup in store

With all these reasons to avoid a brick and mortar store, there’s only one reason I still step foot in a store.

The buy online, pickup in store option is a game changer for moms.

You get the items you need the same day, and you don’t have to do the shopping.

I use this service all the time at big box stores like Target and Home Depot. I don’t have the time or the patience to run around the huge store looking for the items I need with a toddler in tow.

So, this service allows me to get in and out of the store quickly because the sales clerk does my shopping for me.

When you shop online, you can walk straight to the service desk and pick up your items. Your shopping trip takes 5 minutes rather than 20 and you leave the store without an extra stress that a toddler may create on a longer shopping trip.

Plus, it adds a little humor to my day. The service desk typically laughs at my random collection of goods that they gathered from their store for me.

Finally, when I shop online and pick up my order in the store I save money. It’s still cheapest to buy most household goods in a brick and mortar store. I’m still waiting for online retailers to figure out a way to make these items cheap.

Until that happens, it’s better to buy many healthy and beauty and toiletries in a store.

With buy online, pickup in store you pay the in-store prices.

Same day in store pickup is something online retailers can’t offer at this point. Even with Amazon, it’s two days before your shipment arrives unless you pay extra.

That may change in the future as drones become a staple. However, technology hasn’t reached that point just yet. There are test projects of same day delivery in large cities, but it’s not a service that’s widely available yet.

Without this service, I would never step foot in a store again. It’s by far the number one reason I still shop stores.

Why do you still shop brick and mortar stores?