digital receipts save moneyUPDATE: 4/26/2017 How often do you give a store your email address? While you may be quick to say no, fearing more email clutter, giving your email address can save you time and money. Just follow these steps to organize those e-receipts.

Organize receipts to save money

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If you want to save money shopping, you should listen to what the checkout clerk says before saying no.

Sometimes I feel like a robot when I sense a sales pitch coming on at the checkout counter.

“NO! NO! NO!”

I don’t want your credit card to save an additional 10-percent today. No, I don’t want to be alerted to future promotions. No, I don’t want my receipt emailed.

Wait, what?

Did I just pass up all sorts of savings and ways to stay organized?

It’s easy to say no because we already have way too much email to sort through each day.

You know if you give a store your email address, they are going to email you constantly with offers.

So, here’s a strategy to organize your emails while saving money.

Setup an email only for deals, promotions, and receipts. That way your regular email Inbox doesn’t get cluttered.

You don’t even have to monitor this Inbox unless you’re shopping for something and need a coupon code, free shipping offer, or want to find out about the latest promotions.

Within seconds, you’ll have the latest money-saving offers at your fingertips. Just search your email.

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Why digital shopping receipts make sense

As a mom who is easily distracted at the checkout counter by a toddler who is fascinated with the credit card machine, I always opt for a digital receipt.

That way I know where it is whenever I need it, like for a return.

I don’t have to search through the cookie crumbs in my purse, or the pile of papers I haven’t yet filed, or my shred pile to find the one receipt I need to get my money back.

If you use a separate email for your shopping trips, send your digital receipt there. That way it doesn’t clutter your normal email Inbox, and you’ll save time and money when you need your receipt for a return.

There’s an added bonus if you’re an online shopper. All your online and in-store purchases are now organized in one easy to find place.

It’s important to have a receipt because retailers are getting tougher on returns. If you don’t have a receipt, you may lose money on your purchase.

Some stores can track your purchases with a credit card, but a lot of stores still don’t offer this return service.

You get the lowest advertised price for the item if you don’t have a receipt. Sometimes it’s just not worth returning the product when you’re going to lose money.

paribus price markdownParibus offers price protection

So now that you have this separate Inbox for all your receipts, why not use them to save money?

Paribus offers price protection — saving you money on all your online purchases. You don’t have to do any work.

Ever wonder if the price drops on an item after you purchased it? Most shoppers don’t have time to constantly watch for price adjustments.

Paribus works behind the scenes tracking your purchases and matching them up to product prices. That guarantees you pay the lowest price.

If the store offers a price match or price protection, Paribus automatically files a price adjustment claim for you.

Most stores have price protection policies, but it takes work to understand the terms and get your money back.

Paribus is a game changer, working behind the scenes to get you your money back.

There is no fee to join, however, Paribus will take 25-percent of the money it gets back for you. If Paribus doesn’t get any money back, there is no fee.

Right now, Paribus tracks almost 20 online retailers including Amazon, Macy’s, and Best Buy.

You can signup for Paribus in 15 seconds, and let your digital receipts save you money. You just have to connect your mailbox to the Paribus Receipt Fetcher.

This is why I highly recommend a separate email for purchases so Paribus only has access to emails related to your shopping.

Paribus transmits the data using secure bank-grade encryption. If you are concerned about privacy, as you should be, Paribus uses technology to track purchases based on the email sender and subject.

What are you waiting for? Get organized today!