save on valentines day rosesLove is in the air, but will you be in love with the price you pay for Valentine’s Day flowers? The prices skyrocket around Valentine’s Day, but there are ways to save money on Valentine’s Day flowers.

Buy direct

If you shop online, make sure you buy direct from a floral company. Many companies are really just middlemen. They process the order, and transfer it to another company to fill the order. Sometimes it’s a local florist. Other times it’s not.

Often you don’t know who is fulfilling your order. That’s a big red flag. You want to research the company making your arrangement, so you know you’re getting quality.

If you’re spending $50 for flowers, you want to make sure the arrangement lasts.

If you buy online, follow this trick or 60+ future marketing emails may fill your Inbox.

Support local florists

While you can get most items cheaper online, flowers are one thing that are better when they’re locally delivered.  You’ll pay less at a local florist because you’re not paying a middleman.

Buy local. That’s all I need to say.

Save on Valentine's Day flowersChoose flowers other than roses

Roses are several days old by the time they arrive in the United States. They just don’t last that long, and they are expensive during Valentine’s Day because they are in such high demand.

According to More Style Than Cash, Chrysanthemum’s are long-lasting and inexpensive flowers. They can last 20  days in a vase. There are many varieties, so you have options and color selections.

Alstroemeria live up to 14 days. However, make sure you are getting fresh ones rather than flowers that have been sitting at the florist. Check for crisp stems.

Orchids are another great option, although they are not cheap. They’re beautiful flowers and last a long time.

Lillies are also a better option than roses. They are fragrant and last longer. Lillies don’t skyrocket like roses do on Valentine’s Day.

To save money, mix and match the bouquet. Instead of all flowers, add chocolates.

When choosing flowers, tap into the florist’s knowledge. The 4 questions you should ask a florist so you get the floral arrangement you expect.

Last minute flowers

If you’re shopping last-minute, got to Costco or Home Depot. At Costco, you’ll get a beautiful bouquet of flowers for $15. They also sell roses on Valentine’s Day. The price for roses may be higher, but the bouquet of flowers is always pretty. They are different looking flowers.

Home Depot or Lowe’s are other options. They have nice orchid arrangements for $20-30.

While flowers are a nice gift, find some inspiration for other unique and reasonable Valentine’s Day gifts.