Saving on textbooks

It’s not like when I went to school and “buy” was the only option. Now, students have an array of options.

While preparing for my recent story about this trend, a college bookstore employee told me it was just a perception that I always got ripped off when I re-sold my books at the end of the school year. I have a pretty good memory, and it wasn’t just one bad experience that I remember. It was the norm.

I’ll cut my beloved University a little slack, even though it is sometimes refered to as $yraucse. I typically sold and bought my books off-campus, but all the “M” street merchants knew the $yracuse way.

I always remember getting a fraction of what I paid for my books. I’m talking a miniscule fraction if one exists. Granted, it’s basic supply and demand and perhaps I always sold when they had a surplus of books.

My point is — students these days are lucky! They can actually get a good bargain for their textbook and head to class with a full wallet!

Your other options: e-books, open books, international books
It’s not only renting and buying. Now, there are e-books, open books, and aggregate sites that let you shop used books online. It’s no longer just your campus or off-campus bookstore that’s selling books. They admit they’re in for a tough ride as their competition now may be in California or even overseas.

The secret to buying CHEAP used textbooks below. We saved a Cleveland viewer $90+ on just one textbook and you can do it too.

To see the breakdown of sites that offer good deals and all the fine print that goes along with them, click here for a site by site guide that I put together for NewsChannel 5.

Open books are rising in popularity and worth a check back often to see if your book is listed. Click here for 150 free books. It’s a number that likely will increase.

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