SEA LIFE KC child viewing window.

Windows to look through at SEA Life Aquarium KC.

If you’re looking for something different to do this winter, SEA LIFE Kansas City offers children a unique view of fish. While costly, it’s a fun once a year trip to make. There are ways to save a few bucks year round.

Sea Life Kansas City built around kids

SEA LIFE Kansas City is an aquarium in Crown Center. It’s 28,000 square feet featuring stingrays, sea stars, sea horses, an octopus, jellyfish, green seat turtle, and colorful fish.

It’s not large. You can walk through it in an hour and a half. That’s without rushing. However, it’s an aquarium designed for children. There are unique exhibit spaces allowing children different vantage points to see the fish.

There are tunnels to crawl through, bubbles to look through, and perches to look out and over a tank. It is truly designed around children.

There is a fish tank where you can touch and feel the fish. Nothing scares my 13 month old as she dangled her little fingers in a tank full of fish bigger than her hand.

She didn’t miss any of the fish. With so many ways to view the fish, she was entertained the whole time. She never got bored.

Sea Life aquarium ticket savings

Admission to Sea Life aquarium is costly, but there are ways to save money. Ticket prices are $20 for adults and $16 for children aged 2+. Purchase online to save a few dollars per ticket. Search for discount or promo codes to save a few more bucks. Even with the discounts, $56 is a lot of money for the average KC family to spend in just over an hour.

If you are really into the aquarium and fish is your scene, an annual pass is worth it. Until January 15, 2017, you can get an annual pass for $39.95 a person. That pays for itself in two visits.

If you combine it with a trip to LEGOLAND Discovery Center, which is next door, you save quite a bit of money. The online price is $28.75, and $23.25 for children aged 3+ for admission to both exhibits.

It’s worth it to visit both exhibits in the same day for just $8.75 more per adult. LEGOLAND takes 2-3 hours to visit.

In comparison, Shedd Aquarium in Chicago is $39.95 per adult. That’s double the price, but you probably get triple the exhibits. There is a live show, a movie, and more interactive exhibits.

Sea Life Aquarium KC is nice, but it’s small. In my opinion, we’ll visit once a year or every other year. It’s fun. It’s unique. And it’s pricey for the aquarium size.