west palm beachSouth Florida is full of ripoffs, and I’m happy to expose them.

It’s been a busy few months. My husband and I recently hit the road driving from Ohio to Florida, where we are making our new home. Instead of blogging about consumer tips, I am putting them to use getting our car ready for the 1200 mile road trip and hiring a moving company to help us unload our belongings. Over the next few weeks, you’ll notice a few consumer thoughts and tidbits that popped in my mind during the 18 hour drive. After all, this blog is about my life as a consumer with the insight of a reporter whose covered these issues for more than a decade.

I’m excited to be in South Florida, the epicenter of many consumer issues. Many of the biggest national ripoffs I’ve covered as a reporter, originated in Florida. I’m glad to be here to expose some of these schemes and to help South Florida consumers.

jenn strathman wptv reporter

South Florida fraud to be exposed

I’ve already picked up on how rampant the fraud is here. The good news — there are many arrests for it. In some states, consumer fraud is rarely investigated or prosecuted. That’s not the case here. There are also many agencies trying to educate consumers to prevent them from becoming a victim. Despite all the efforts to curb the fraud, it’s still prevalent and a threat to consumers. That’s why NewsChannel 5 is is launching the Contact 5 Consumer Watchdog.

I’m already working with many South Florida and Treasure Coast residents. In a way, I feel like I’m back home in the Northeast. Every day I speak with someone from New York. I’ve even met many people from my home state of Connecticut. We’re already getting action for people, and I look forward to helping even more people.

You can find me on Florida’s #1 station, WPTV. My Contact 5 Consumer Watchdog reports will start in August. Until then, stay connected on Facebook and Twitter. Let me know if you have a consumer issue, or think I should look into a new trend or ripoff. I look forward to working with you, and warning you of ripoffs.