It may not look or feel like spring, but it’s spring according to the calendar. Mother Nature kind of knows it. If you look closely, you’ll see flowers sprouting out of the ground even though they’re now covered in snow.

It’s hard to think about a cookout when we have a fresh blanket of snow, but it’s time to get in the mood so you can save money.

There is a shopping calendar that helps you decide when to buy certain items to get the best deals. April is one day away, and that means savings on products you may not have saved on last month. It’s all about spring cleaning, stocking up on winter items, and if you’re daring enough shopping for a home.  In 2011, any month is really a great time to buy a home as prices continue to get cheaper.

According to Walletpop, here’s a list of things you can save on in April: cruises, gym membership, television, office furniture, vacuum, homes, cookware, notebook computers, rainwear, snowblowers, and thrift store sales.

ConsumerReports says in April you should focus on digital cameras, computers, lawn mowers, and spring clothing.  No  need to run out for that lawn mower, now. ConsumerReports has it on the schedule for savings next month too.

While some of the spring items are mentioned in both lists, it’s always best to stock up on seasonal products at the end of the season. That’s what I do and I save big bucks. So, stock up on winter things right now as stores try to get rid of their inventory. Is that snow scraper on its last leg, or do you need another sweater? If so, stock up now.

Click here to see ConsumerReports year outlook for the best time to save on certain products.