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Do your friends have a hard time remembering your phone number? Sprint is offering a service called StarStar Me, allowing you to replace your phone number with your name, nickname, or unique word. While this sounds great, there is a fee and limitations on your phone number length.

I’d want my number to be **JENN or **5366. However, that doesn’t work. It needs to be five to nine letters. I guess it could be **JENNIFER, but I never go by that.  Plus, it’s already in use. Of course! You have to be creative in your name combination as most common names will likely be taken quickly.

The price is $2.99/month. The service comes with more options than just your customized phone number. The number works when a call is placed in the United States from any Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T phone number.

I wonder if this will be easier to understand on a voicemail message. Most people think I say Jan instead of Jenn. Nobody would ever be able to reach me if my phone number was a nickname.

I don’t see much of a use for this in my life. It might be popular with the younger generation looking to have the latest and greatest technology to increase their cool status.  For me, that’s about the only use.