back to schoolTax free school shopping is the weekend to stock up on school supplies or office supplies if you don’t have any children. The savings may even apply to diapers. 

Back to school sales tax holiday

The annual sales tax holiday kicks in Friday morning and runs through Sunday (August 5 – 7, 2016) in Missouri, Florida and other states. While you can save on most clothing, school supplies, and computers there are some exceptions.

The rules vary by state. In Missouri, the tax exemption is limited to the following items:

sales tax missouri

Sales Tax Holiday 101 for Missouri

In Missouri, the following Kansas City area cities are not offering tax free savings: Chillicothe, Claycomo, Peculiar, Platte Woods, Riverside, and Smithville. While they are not participating, you’ll still save on the state sales tax of around 4.225%.

Items that do not qualify in Missouri include items like batteries, bulletin boards, copiers, digital cameras, furniture, jewelry, and watches to name a few. Sales tax holiday Missouri.

Here’s a breakdown of the Florida sales tax holiday:

tax free diapers florida

Diapers tax free in Florida

The big distinction is that computers and computer related accessories are not included in Florida’s tax free savings. Click here for more on the Florida sales tax holiday.

Items not included in Florida include books, computer paper, correction tape and fluid, masking tape, printer paper, staplers, and staples.

On some blogs, parents are complaining about the long back to school lists. While it can be expensive to stock up on all kinds of items from tissues to post-it-notes, the more supplies the class receives the less the teacher will have to pay out of pocket for supplies. While these extensive “classroom” lists may not have been the standard when we were kids, it’s the reality of budget cuts to schools. Teachers are typically still spending hundreds of dollars if not more to get the supplies they need for their classroom.

Sales tax holidays will also take place in the following states: (click on the link for specific details)

August 5-7:

August 5-6

August 6-7

August 14-20

August 21-27