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Time Warner Cable adds modem fee

On December 17, 2012

With automated bill pay, I pay less attention to my itemized bills. I make sure the debited amount is consistent, and I don’t actually look at the bill unless I notice a different charge. I recently noticed our Time Warner Cable bill increased slightly, so I looked and found a new fee for our cable modem. Time Warner Cable modem…

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Avoiding sticker shock when you open your cell phone bill

On May 23, 2011

Consumers have long complained about going over their minutes on their cell phone bill and getting charged excessive overage fees. Unless you constantly check your minutes online or keep track on your phone, it’s easy to do especially if your limit is low. Whether it’s overage minutes or roaming charges, these shocking bills are called “bill shock.” A survey by…

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Rental car fees

On March 2, 2011 Spring break is just around the corner, and many travellers will head to the airport and hop in a rental car.  I know you are in a hurry to reach your sunny destination, but take an extra five minutes at the airport. It will save you a big headache later. I’ve heard from several consumers who rented a car…