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“Thank you for your business”

On November 23, 2012

What a week of contrasts — thankfulness and greed. Just hours after we finished our Thanksgiving meal with family and gave thanks to all we have in our lives, people lined up to rush into stores to grab a good deal. Some people fought to get what they wanted. Thanksgiving has become Black Friday or Gray Thursday. Whatever you call…

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Is Walmart worried?

On October 3, 2012

Walmart continues to up the ante with its series of commercials about it offering low prices. First, it was steaks. Then, groceries and back to school items. Now, it’s cell phones and even a campaign to send in your receipt to see the price differences for yourself. Business and marketing analysts say Walmart is no longer considered the cheapest retailer,…

Consumer News

Does your newspaper deliver all the ads?

On January 2, 2012

Newspapers are shrinking as papers cut back on content, but some subscribers are noticing the ads are shrinking too. Ads are the reason many people get the Sunday paper so they know where they can save money. You may not be saving as much money as you could because your paper may not be delivering all the ads. Advertisers practice…

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Better Business Bureau launches app in Apple store

On October 17, 2011

Want to file a complaint against a business on the go, or want to find out what others think about a business at the last minute? The Better Business Bureau launched an Apple Store app that allows you to access their database of more than 4 million businesses on the go. You’ll be able to search for local businesses by…

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BBB testing customer comments / reviews for businesses

On September 23, 2011

Feel strongly, good or bad, about a business? Now, you can have your voice heard by posting your feelings on the Better Business Bureau’s website.  The pilot program is being tested in 10 cities including Cleveland. The BBB will review the comments to make sure fake ones don’t slip through, and they will be edited for foul langauge. The business will get 24-48…

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Borders liquidation sale means last minute changes

On July 21, 2011

Borders is set to start the liquidation sale Friday, but I learned late Thursday night that they are anything but prepared. I walked into my local Borders around 9 ET, to see a liquidation sounding man talking to a Borders employee with a clipboard. The liquidator type said he was a contractor and gave orders about details of the liquidation…