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What will you do for $5?

On April 15, 2012

Need some spare money? Have a unique talent? How would you answer the question — “I will _____ for $5?” If you have a service to offer, and want to buy one for $5, Fiverr might be for you. It’s the latest marketplace allowing you to buy or sell your services, only this site charges a flat fee of $5….

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Southwest owns Air Tran – when will travelers see changes?

On March 27, 2012

Continental and United Airlines just completed their merger, and customers are still feeling the effects. I spent more than an hour on hold the other night waiting for someone help me merge my frequent flier accounts. Slight variations in the two accounts previously made me unable to do it myself. Now, get prepared for round two. Southwest and Air Tran…

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Cleveland has lowest ATM fees in nation

On September 27, 2011

Cleveland may top the rankings in surveys it doesn’t want to top like poorest city, but there is one survey we’re tops in and it’s a good thing for consumers. Bankrate says Cleveland has the cheapest ATM rates in the country, even though nationally ATM surcharges hit a new high for the seventh consecutive year. The average ATM fee hit…

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Money names Huntington Bank tops in Midwest

On September 2, 2011

Every week, there’s a new survey that shows consumers are paying more to bank. If you’re in Cleveland, there’s good news. Huntington Bank earned the top spot in Money’s Best Midwest Banks of 2011. Money said Huntington’s Asterisk -Free Checking is really asterisk free, and charges for other checking services are typically lower than others. There’s even a “24 Hour…

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How To Save Money On Your Next Flight

On May 9, 2011

Airfares go up and down constantly.Keeping up with the prices is time-consuming and frustrating if you’re searching for a deal you can’t find. These travel tricks will help you save money on your next flight.