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Consumer Reports finds problems with 4G LTE on some iPhone 5 phones

On September 28, 2012

Consumer Reports is finishing up its testing of the iPhone 5, and engineers said they found problems with the phone on the Verizon and Sprint network. The testing organization said the Verizon and Sprint phone can’t support a phone call and an Internet based connection over the network. Consumer Reports said the iPhone 5 appears to be the only Verizon…

Protecting your identity / Solving problems

Do data breaches lead to identity theft or fraud?

On April 2, 2012

UPDATE: Security breaches are becoming all too common and costly for consumers. Global Payments is the latest company hit. The company says less than 1.5 million Visa and MasterCard account holders may be impacted. Global Payments says while credit card data was compromised; individuals names, addresses and social security numbers were not accessed. While the company says the incident is…

Consumer Tips / Solving problems

Free access to your credit score?

On March 28, 2012

You have a right to your credit report every year for free, but not your credit score. This confuses a lot of consumers who don’t really understand why you get one and not the other. What’s the difference? It’s all personal information about you. Now, Consumers Union is leading the charge to give you access to your score as well…

Coupons / Freebies / Tech

Free phones and tablets offered at T-Mobile

On February 9, 2012

Need a new cell phone or want a tablet? This Saturday, T-Mobile is offering free devices. The deal is good for new and existing customers who sign a two year contract. T-Mobile says the deal will be extended to all phones. Usually these deals are reserved for lower end models. Before you buy, make sure T-Mobile offers the best service…

Consumer News

RoboStir put to the test

On October 11, 2011

There are new kitchen gadgets that promise to do the stirring for you. You simply put the automatic stirrer in your soup or sauce and it spins the mixture. For a story on NewsChannel 5, we tested the RoboStir, to answer the question “Does It Really Do That?” We had foodie, Sue Carrara, test the RoboStir. It costs just under…

Consumer News / Consumer Tips / Saving money

Free extended warranty if you pay with an eligible credit card

On August 25, 2011

Warranties are big selling points for manufacturers, but they often offer little protection for consumers. Most warranties are a year or two, and so many products break at the two and three year mark so the basic, free warranty doesn’t apply. So, should you buy an extended warranty? There may be a better, free option. Consumer Reports typically does not recommend extended warranties,…