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Cashing in frequent flier miles – how likely are you to get a seat?

On June 9, 2011

Frequent flier miles are great, but they’re becoming increasingly more difficult to cash. The 2nd annual ezRez Reward Seat Availability Survey by IdeaWorks Company found low fare airlines fare best when it comes to redemption of frequent flier miles.  However, U.S. airlines fall short compared with worldwide airlines. In the U.S., Southwest Airlines took the top spot. It was behind GOL, a…

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Check-in for Delta flight on Facebook

On April 7, 2011

Delta is the first airline to allow you to check-in for your flight through a Facebook app called, Delta Ticket Counter.  No need to go to Delta’s website to download or print your boarding pass. In August, Delta began to offer flight booking through its Facebook app.  The flight check-in is the latest feature for the app. You’ll also be…

Consumer News / Consumer Tips

Airline lets you name your price to bump

On January 13, 2011

As I sat at the airport on the way home from visiting family this holiday, I heard an airline announcement over and over asking for volunteers because another flight in the gate area was overbooked.  The deal started rather modest considering the price of tickets for holiday travel. They used to give you a free airline ticket with the first…