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What will you do for $5?

On April 15, 2012

Need some spare money? Have a unique talent? How would you answer the question — “I will _____ for $5?” If you have a service to offer, and want to buy one for $5, Fiverr might be for you. It’s the latest marketplace allowing you to buy or sell your services, only this site charges a flat fee of $5….

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Coupon industry responds to problems

On October 28, 2011

The coupon industry is fighting back trying to rein in the out of control consumers who are using coupons to make money. The Coupon Information Corporation represents manufacturers and admits that while there are couponing rules there are also gray areas.¬† if you want to continue saving money while helping 10,000 people in the couponing industry keep their job, CIC…

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Coupon money makers: online & stockpile sales

On October 13, 2011

People are passionate about money-saving offers whether they’re for $20 or $2. Say the word “coupon” and people react strongly. ¬†With this topic, I’ve come to expect the unexpected. There are two trends that couponers are exploring to make money off couponing. Some extreme couponers sell their excess coupons online. Others sell their excess products or stockpile. Each one is…

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Where to Recycle, Donate, Buy, or Sell Electronics

On May 25, 2011

We can’t live without our smartphones. The models become outdated quickly, creating lots of electronic trash. You can trade in your old phone, sell it yourself, or recycle it. Smartphones are easy to get rid of properly, but what about all the other electronics in our home like old TVs or computers? Here’s ways you can recycle your electronic trash…