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November deals: 5 products to buy

On November 1, 2016

November is the kickoff to the holiday shopping season, but there are other products you can save on too. Here’s a look at 5 November deals. Look for them online and in stores.


Waterproof electronics?

On November 12, 2012

Water and electronics just don’t mix. Rice and heat may help save your device but it doesn’t always work. New devices are pouring into the market that may wash away your worries. Should you consider one this holiday? Companies are offering after-market solutions that waterproof your electronics. It’s still a new venture, so the companies offering this service are limited…

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Recycle your hair & beauty products for cash

On March 26, 2012

Alright moms. How many old lisptick and eyeshadow cases are filling up your bathroom drawers? Add in old hairdryers or straightners that don’t work, and you have a lot of space taken up by products you don’t use anymore. There are recycling programs for batteries, light bulbs, and boxes. What about beauty products? Recycle hair products Recycling beauty products is not…

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Third party companies to sell electronics on Best Buy’s website

On September 7, 2011

Just in time for the holiday shopping frenzy that will arrive before you know it, Best Buy is teaming up with third-party sellers to offer you a third more products online. Best Buy will launch Marketplace. It will feature items from partners like, Cameta Camera, ANT Online, MamBate, Beach Audio, Wayfair, SF Planet, and Electronic Express. “Increased assortment of…

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Free extended warranty if you pay with an eligible credit card

On August 25, 2011

Warranties are big selling points for manufacturers, but they often offer little protection for consumers. Most warranties are a year or two, and so many products break at the two and three year mark so the basic, free warranty doesn’t apply. So, should you buy an extended warranty? There may be a better, free option. Consumer Reports typically does not recommend extended warranties,…

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Best Buy offers program to Buy Back your electronics

On January 12, 2011

  Best Buy will begin catering to consumers who are afraid to buy  electronics because they fear it may become obsolete soon after buying it. The Best Buy Buy Back program will allow you to upgrade your electronics or technology by getting money back for your old purchase. You’ll have the option to purchase the Buy Back protection when you…