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Facebook Timeline 101

On January 25, 2012

Have you plunged into the new world of Facebook Timeline yet? We know how mandatory changes are received by Facebook fans. So far, this is still just an option. You get 7 days to arrange your timeline before it becomes live.

Consumer News

Free flights to Japan?

On October 19, 2011

“10,000 Free Round-Trip Tickets to Japan.” When I first saw this headline, I had to read it. Free, really? Of course my radar went up immediately, and with good reason. While it sounds good, it’s an idea that hasn’t been finalized. Japan is desperately trying to increase tourism to the country after the devastating earthquake, tsunami, and radiation leak scarred…

Consumer News

Credit card company offers Facebook deals if you link your credit card

On July 27, 2011

Link, like, love. I’ll link and like your site, but I”m not loving this new social media app from American Express. The credit card company’s “link, like, love” campaign offers deals, and access based on the likes, interests, and social connections of American Express cardholders and their friends.  Sounds like a good idea until you learn you have to link your Facebook…

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Phishing attack hits Gmail – how to keep your information safe

On June 1, 2011

If you use Gmail, you’ll want to be on high alert as Google says a phishing attack from China is targeting Gmail accounts. Google even says accounts of U.S. government officials were targeted. Google says the phishing attack’s goal was to monitor emails and change forwarding settings. The company says the account hijackings were not the result of a problem…

Consumer News

Check-in for Delta flight on Facebook

On April 7, 2011

Delta is the first airline to allow you to check-in for your flight through a Facebook app called, Delta Ticket Counter.  No need to go to Delta’s website to download or print your boarding pass. In August, Delta began to offer flight booking through its Facebook app.  The flight check-in is the latest feature for the app. You’ll also be…