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FTC shuts down “Rachel” from Cardholder Services again

On November 1, 2012

In an ideal world, you should no longer hear from “Rachel” with Cardholder Services. The Federal Trade Commission disconnected the lines for five operations the FTC says were responsible for making these Rachel calls. Do I think the calls will stop? Unfortunately, no. It’s the harsh reality of robocalls in 2012. The FTC is getting 200,000 complaints A MONTH on robocalls and…

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FTC takes action to protect Do Not Call list numbers — will “Rachel” from cardholder services stop calling?

On March 29, 2012

“Hello, this is Rachel at Cardholder Services.” Even though it’s an automated message, so many people feel like they know Rachel because she’s called so many times.  Most people don’t want to get to know Rachel. They want her to stop calling, and the Federal Trade Commission says it’s taking action to make sure her robocalls stop. The FTC said…

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FTC sending check to scareware victims

On December 12, 2011

If you get a check in the mail from the Federal Trade Commission, it’s not a scam. Enjoy this holiday gift that’s really the result of a settlement.The FTC is sending more than 300,000 consumers refund checks because they were the victim of a “scareware.” The FTC settled with Innovative Marketing and other parties involved in the scheme. The FTC…

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Do Not Call Registry grows and complaints rise

On December 1, 2011

The Do Not Call list saves millions of Americans those unwanted phone calls from telemarketers. While not perfect, the list continues to grow. The Federal Trade Commission’s annual report of the list shows more than 209 million subscribers. That’s an increase of 8 million from last year. The list has been around since 2003, but there is still confusion about…

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Debt collection when someone dies

On November 30, 2011

While you may think you would never pay a bill you don’t owe, think again. Debt collectors are threatening and don’t care about your circumstances, so imagine how you would react if one called you demanding payment right after your loved one died. Would you pay it to get them to leave you alone? You might say no now, but…