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Cleveland has lowest ATM fees in nation

On September 27, 2011

Cleveland may top the rankings in surveys it doesn’t want to top like poorest city, but there is one survey we’re tops in and it’s a good thing for consumers. Bankrate says Cleveland has the cheapest ATM rates in the country, even though nationally ATM surcharges hit a new high for the seventh consecutive year. The average ATM fee hit…

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Airline passengers get more rights on Tuesday

On August 22, 2011

Airline passengers will have new rights starting Tuesday.  It will affect international flights, compensation if you’re bumped from a flight, and fees will be more clearly disclosed. Consumers will gain even more protections at later dates. If you are taking an international flight, the airline will face big fees if you sit on the tarmac for more than four hours….

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Housing market dips but closing costs on the rise

On July 26, 2011

One of the worst parts of having a loan you’re not happy with, is paying for closing costs to re-figure your loan. Bankrate found the average origination and title fees are up 8.8% from a year ago. On a $200,000 mortgage, the average fees are $4,070. You’ll pay the most in New York at $6,183. Texas, Utah, San Francisco, and…

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Millions coming to some former Countrywide customers

On July 20, 2011

Almost  $108 million dollars will be mailed to homeowners who were allegedly overcharged by Countrywide Home Loans. The Federal Trade Commission expects to mail 450,177 refund checks. The checks are part of a settlement between the FTC and Countrywide over allegations the company collected excessive fees from borrowers struggling to hold onto their home.  Refunds will be sent to customers…

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Fees to swipe a debit card don’t drop as low as expected – what this means for consumers

On June 29, 2011

Many retailers expected the Federal Reserve would support their interests today and significantly drop the fees associated with debit card transactions. However, the drop was less than expected, and it has some business groups outraged. Everytime a debit card is swiped, the retailer pays an interchange fee to the payment network. The Federal Reserve passed a new rule that caps…

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Best Buy removes restocking fees

On December 20, 2010

The holiday return season will swing into high gear on December 26th. This year, consumers are getting an early Christmas present from Best Buy as they get rid of their restocking fees for almost all purchases. A simple statement on their website explains the big policy change. The change took effect December 18th and eliminates restocking fees for all orders…