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Pre-pay gas a good deal when renting a car?

On August 26, 2013

When you rent a car, you’re bombarded with questions from upgrades to insurance. How should you answer? While “no” is the default answer for many questions, there’s one that recently made me think. Should I fill pre-pay the gas or fill-up on my own at the gas pump? Just say “no” I always say no to all the extras sold…

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Saving on summer travel

On April 24, 2012

Trying to book a summer vacation? You want to plan early, and look at every option possible. It’s like a perfect storm of fewer flights and high gas prices. The result — sky-high airfares. Just what I don’t need for my guests at my destination wedding this summer. I’ve been checking the three major cities where our guests will be…

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Automakers say warranties will be void with E15 gas

On July 9, 2011

The debate over ethanol continues. In this round, the automakers are making their feelings known over the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to alert consumers at the pump that it’s safe to use E15 gas in 2001 model year cars and newer. In late June, the EPA finalized its regulations to prevent misfueling of vehicles and released the label to the…

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Tire test

On May 27, 2011

Before you hit the road this holiday weekend, spend five minutes checking the tire pressure.  It will save you money, because properly inflated tires get you better gas mileage and can save your life. In advance of the Labor Day holiday in September, I worked with a AAA expert to see how many drivers along the Ohio Turnpike have properly…

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New fuel economy labels unveiled for cars and trucks

On May 25, 2011

Don’t be surprised if you see a different looking fuel economy sticker on your next new car.  The government announced the most dramatic changes in the 30 year old program. The label will give you a better understanding of fuel efficiency, and it will be an interactive experience. The labels will have a QR code on them which stands for…

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Gas ingredient causing lawn mower problems

On May 13, 2011

The gas used in lawn mowers is causing expensive repairs. The problem starts when the gas sits in the mower too long. Typically, you experience the problem when you try to start the mower after it st in storage during the winter. The steps you need to take to make sure gas doesn’t harm your lawn mower’s engine. Ethanol gas…