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Facebook ads may be rogue

On May 14, 2012

I’m always looking for stories, and told my producer recently about these ads appearing on my Facebook page. Some are borderline pornographic — they are woman in bikinis who want to chat. Who knows what that will lead to if you actually click on it. My producer looked at me kind of odd and told me she doesn’t have these…

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Upgrades add privacy and faster browsing speeds

On March 22, 2011

As I loaded up Firefox this morning, a pop-up appeared in the lower right hand corner reminding me that there is an update available. There are lots of updates rolling out for browsers and even programs like Adobe. I got a warning about that this morning, too. Upgrading can be frustrating because you have to learn about new features and…

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Google launches opt out option to reduce your digital footprint

On January 25, 2011

In November, I worked with a security company to show you how insecure you are when you browse online. Companies track your activities online for legitimate business purposes. Tracking software follows your every move, so businesses can advertise to you. They track you with “cookies,” but there are crumbs left behind when you close your browser. There are ways to…