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Saving money

Wedding decorations on a budget

On November 14, 2012

Decorations and centerpieces for a wedding can get really expensive, but they really make a difference. I think decorations spice up a room. Most venues are a little plain. Sometimes there are no windows and the carpeting is dark. Decorations and bright centerpieces will add some pizzaz, and you can do it without breaking the bank. Our venue had windows…

Consumer News

Costco offers home mortgages

On April 30, 2012

Toilet paper, meat, clothing, tires, and now a mortgage? You can buy it all at Costco. The warehouse giant is now entering the home mortgage business. You can get a new loan or refinance your old one. Costco advertises savings of $5,000 over the life of the loan. If you’re an Executive level member, your fees will be $600 or…

Housing / Solving problems

Do you really understand your mortgage?

On April 13, 2012

You may have avoided foreclosure or a delinquency, but do you really understand the terms of your mortgage? For those who didn’t avoid a foreclosure, some blame poor rules, bookkeeping, and recordkeeping for the foreclosure. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) wants to make the fine print and legalese more clear to consumers. The CFPB is considering rules that would…

Consumer Tips

Storm prep starts now: home inventory apps save money

On February 28, 2011

We work hard to save enough money to buy a home. Then we fill it up with memorable items. While our focus is on getting the home, it only takes a few seconds for it all to be gone. Natural disasters from floods to tornadoes damage homes every year. That’s why homeowners need to do a home inventory before disaster…