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Products in hotel room for sale

On August 5, 2013

I don’t like to pay full price for hotels, and gladly share my tricks for saving. You can bet I won’t be spending my money on mundane products hotels sell. Just another useless hotel charge they want to add to our bills.

Tech / Travel

A new hotel amenity?

On January 28, 2013

Every time I go out of town, I inevitably forget something. Usually it’s something small like a toothbrush. Sometimes I improvise or I ask the front desk for one of their small, complimentary brushes. This last out of town trip, I forgot my phone chargers. Without them, there’s not much you can do. My forgetfulness made me thing of a…

Saving money / Travel

Airport parking that won’t break your travel budget

On November 15, 2012

When most people book a flight, they search and search for the cheapest fare. With airfares skyrocketing, people are holding out longer. Some are even driving several hours to a different airport to save money. Once you book that flight, are you applying the same research tools to save money on parking? Spend ten minutes before you leave for the airport…

Consumer News

Vacation getaways at a great price

On July 22, 2011

 It’s week two of Groupon Getaways, and there is a new group of exotic getaways. I’ve been checking the sales of last week’s featured items, and at last check 7 deals sold out and 13 did not. The Vegas trip I mentioned last week didn’t sell out at last check. Saving on vacation is not new to Groupon. SniqueAway is another great…