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How To Prepare Your Taxes For Free

On January 23, 2017

  Tax season doesn’t excite many people other than the accountants and tax preparers making money off taxpayers. It’s expensive to file taxes, but it doesn’t have to be. The FREE way to file your taxes. It really does work!

Saving money

Adoptive parents still waiting for tax refunds

On August 30, 2011

Tax season ended months ago, but some adoptive parents are still waiting for their tax refund. Adoptive parents can apply for up to $13,170 in a refundable credit if they meet qualifications. The adoption credit is the largest refundable credit, and joins a long list of credits like the first time homebuyer credit and child tax credit. There were delays…

Consumer News

Airlines won’t refund federal taxes

On August 11, 2011

In the midst of the rollercoaster ride on Wall Street, Congress made a major decision about federal aviation taxes. It received little fanfare given the other problems facing the nation, and now consumers are confused wondering if they’ll get a refund for those aviation taxes.


IRS offers guidance on airline refunds

On July 28, 2011

The IRS is finally announcing guidelines for tax refunds related to the expiration of federal excise taxes on airline tickets. This comes just days after JetBlue announced a plan to offer refunds.

Consumer Tips

Track Your IRS Tax Refund

On April 22, 2011

Tax season is no fun if you owe the IRS money. However, tax season is a great time of year if you are due a refund. The rush is on to file and collect your money. There’s a quick and easy way to track your IRS tax refund. The tracking system shows the date the IRS will deposite the money…

Consumer Tips / Saving money

Tax filing for less than $20

On February 25, 2011

People spend hundreds to file their taxes, but you can file them for less than $20. It’s hard to believe, but it’s possible. There are dozens of software programs out there that make it easy to file even if you’re not a tax pro. We put two programs to the test, and what we found surprised a Certified Public Accountant…