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Saving money

4 hot deals in September

On August 26, 2016

In the mood for apples as the crisp air settles in? How about some savings on Apple products too? Best items to buy in September.


Products in hotel room for sale

On August 5, 2013

I don’t like to pay full price for hotels, and gladly share my tricks for saving. You can bet I won’t be spending my money on mundane products hotels sell. Just another useless hotel charge they want to add to our bills.

Tech / Travel

A new hotel amenity?

On January 28, 2013

Every time I go out of town, I inevitably forget something. Usually it’s something small like a toothbrush. Sometimes I improvise or I ask the front desk for one of their small, complimentary brushes. This last out of town trip, I forgot my phone chargers. Without them, there’s not much you can do. My forgetfulness made me thing of a…


Waterproof electronics?

On November 12, 2012

Water and electronics just don’t mix. Rice and heat may help save your device but it doesn’t always work. New devices are pouring into the market that may wash away your worries. Should you consider one this holiday? Companies are offering after-market solutions that waterproof your electronics. It’s still a new venture, so the companies offering this service are limited…


Consumer Reports finds problems with 4G LTE on some iPhone 5 phones

On September 28, 2012

Consumer Reports is finishing up its testing of the iPhone 5, and engineers said they found problems with the phone on the Verizon and Sprint network. The testing organization said the Verizon and Sprint phone can’t support a phone call and an Internet based connection over the network. Consumer Reports said the iPhone 5 appears to be the only Verizon…

Consumer News / Ripoff alert / Tech

iPhone 5 testers wanted?

On March 19, 2012

For weeks I’ve been getting Facebook messages inviting me to an iPhone 5 testing event. It appears you can test the iPhone 5. In the message, you’re made host of the event. However, there’s only been speculation and no official announcement from Apple about the iPhone 5. Facebook is deleting the post from your page which is a sure sign…

Consumer News

Future of smartphones

On October 31, 2011

Consumer Reports just celebrated its 75th anniversary, and during a visit to the company’s headquarters last week I learned that keeping product tests up to date is one of the greatest challenges for the company. That’s made even more difficult with a new smartphone and tablet appearing almost every week. The price of these phones is on it’s way down…

Consumer News

Better Business Bureau launches app in Apple store

On October 17, 2011

Want to file a complaint against a business on the go, or want to find out what others think about a business at the last minute? The Better Business Bureau launched an Apple Store app that allows you to access their database of more than 4 million businesses on the go. You’ll be able to search for local businesses by…